Tongs and Scissors

Savannah offers one of the most extensive range of tongs on the market. Our tong collection includes various sized tools perfect for the kitchen or outdoors at the barbecue. Perhaps most famous are our patented One-Handed Smart Tongs – featuring our ingenious, award winning design. We create stainless steel, nylon and silicone tongs that are versatile tools for every Australian kitchen. Broadly speaking, tongs are designed for either serving or cooking. Serving tongs are a handy and stylish way to dish up salads, pasta and other meals at the table, whilst cooking tongs are extra long to keep hands a safe distance from the stovetop or grill. At Savannah, we create tongs for both of these purposes, and many of our designs are versatile enough for both. Of course, Savannah’s tongs are easy to clean. Most are dishwasher safe – perfect for busy families.

If you could only have one kitchen tool, a hardy, sharp, well-designed pair of scissors will always cut the mustard. Use them to quickly snip herbs, open packets, bone a hen, crack nuts, scale fish, open bottles and a smorgasbord of other everyday tasks. Our range of kitchen scissors includes all-purpose choices such as our Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors, through to specialised shears for lobsters and poultry. We also have a Black Titanium Shears range, with precision ground cutting blades coated in black titanium for added hardness and hygiene. At Savannah we love multi-function products, so designed these scissors a built-in ring-tab lifter in their soft grip handles. Our scissors and shears are also dishwasher safe.