When it comes to the pinnacle design and functionality, products that boast the Savannah Smarts logo are in a league of their own.
At Savannah we solve problems in the kitchen through innovative design. We explore how existing kitchen tools and gadgets can be taken to the next level. Look out for the red Savannah Smarts logo on products that have benefited from a custom design feature or adjustment that improves functionality, ease of use, mess reduction, safety, quality and longevity and/or uniqueness.

Savannah Smarts products are the crème de la crème of industrial design. One example is perhaps our most popular product – the Avo Shark. This versatile tool is designed to handle every stage of avocado preparation safely and without mess including cutting, de-pipping, scooping, slicing and mashing. Avo Shark’s ingenious Savannah Smarts design scored it the internationally lauded reddot award in 2014.

We love multi-functional tools!
Ease of Use:
One-hand locking mechanism, so your other hand is free to hold that beer you just opened!
Unique Safety Features:
Slice your veggies and keep your fingers with a hand-guard that actually works!
Mess-reducing features:
Why waste time cleaning counter tops if it can be avoided!
Completely Unique Product Design:
These items boast all of the other features too!
Quality & Longevity
Look out for custom-designed features to make products stronger and last longer!