Peelers & Slicers

Savannah creates the most comfortable and efficient peelers you will ever use on a fruit or vegetable!

Our Speed Peelers are dependable kitchen essentials for any home cook, while we also create specialised tools such as our Smooth Skin Peelers, (perfect for peeling tomatoes and kiwi fruits) and Super Wide Peeler (great for pumpkins, sweet potatoes, shredding cabbage, slicing eggplant and even slicing cheese). Our Julienne Peeler and Super Fine Shredder make light work of carrots, cucumbers, beetroots, apples and pears – so you can create Asian stir fries, garnishes and fresh salads like a pro.

Healthy meal prep gets even easier with our range of mandoline-style slicers. They feature double edged blades, allowing you to slice food in both directions – saving you time chopping and slicing with a knife and board. We also design for safety – with hand guards that grip food securely right down to the last slice.

All Savannah peelers and slicers are dishwasher safe, suitable for right and left handed use, use super-sharp Japanese cutting blades and are covered by a 10 year guarantee.