Knives & Sharpeners

When it comes to knives, we’re cutting edge.

High-precision knives are essential for efficient food prep, making the everyday task of chopping ingredients quick and fuss-free. A good knife is also designed for safety – the sharper it is, the less likely the blade is to slip off the food. Also, our knife handles are ergonomically designed for a secure, steady grip. Oh, and designed with contemporary style in mind – you can also trust our knives to always look sharp!



Savannah Professional Knife Range

Designed and engineered in Japan, this is our ultimate range offering utility, paring, boning, Santoku, Chef, Japanese Chef, Chinese Chef, bread and carving knives of supreme quality. Professional knives are perfectly balanced and feature handles crafted from silicone-impregnated Pakka wood for durability, beauty and comfort. Each Savannah knife in this range has had its edge honed by a master craftsperson, using an ancient Japanese technique used for sharpening Samurai swords. Genuine, traditional Samurai swords feature long, brilliantly polished edges – and our Professional knives boast the same feature – making them hard-wearing, sharp and beautiful.

Savannah Essential Knife Range

The Savannah Everyday Knife Range offers exceptional quality at an amazing price. The super-sharp, full-tang German stainless steel blade has taper grinding with stone finishing for long-lasting cutting power. With a single bolstered handle, these are a modern take on traditional knife design. The collection offers what the home chef needs in a fully-functional kitchen – including paring, utility, Santoku, chef’s, bread and carving knives.

Savannah Ceramic Knives

The hard, tough yet lightweight ceramic material used to produce these blades helps them retain their cutting edge for longer than forged metal knives. Ultra-sharp and resistant to acid, they are ideal for slicing fruit, vegetables and boneless meats.               

Oh, and designed with contemporary style in mind – you can also trust our knives to always look sharp!