Food Preparation

Savannah looks at what home cooks do in the kitchen, and then we create equipment to make common tasks quicker, cleaner and easier. Take our Potato Chipper. With just a quick press of its lever, this tool cuts chunky chips or shoestring fries without so much as lifting a chef’s knife. This gets guilt-free oven-baked potato goodness on your table quicker. Our Duo Chipper also gets the job done, and also works with cucumbers and apples for healthy snacks.

Our Potato Ricers are also kitchen godsends. Available in stainless steel or white, these are the key to light and fluffy mashed potato or delicate gnocchi. As Savannah is about versatility and multi-functionality – our ricers can also be used for carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips and turnips, or used to make purees or baby foods.