The wooden board is no longer just a humble food-prep stalwart.The beautiful grain and natural tones of wood make kitchen boards just as essential for food serving as well as preparation. Depending on the size, they can be covered with cheese, appetisers and more – or even used to serve individual meals the trendy way.

We offer two key board ranges, both designed right here in Australia.

Our bamboo Professional Boards are heavy duty and reversible. A sustainable and environmentally-friendly material, bamboo is the ideal cutting surface due to its anti-bacterial properties and durability. Bamboo is also kind to your knives, harder than other woods and resistant to moisture absorption, warping, shrinking and swelling. With a natural oil finish, they also look stylish and fit into any kitchen.

Our Handy Prep Board collection features the coveted Savannah Smarts status – awarded to products with design features that improve functionality, ease of use, longevity, uniqueness, safety and/or mess reduction. These bamboo prep boards have an ingenious benefit – a custom engineered non-slip silicone ring that prevents a board from sliding around the kitchen benchtop while you’re chopping veggies.